Alyson has finished her third year in chemical engineering with a minor in petroleum engineering and is currently completing her 16-month internship at Transcanada as an MFC (Manufacturing, Fabrication and Construction) engineering intern in the US threat management department. This is Alyson’s second year as CESS’s communications commissioner and she hopes to further improve CESS’s website to better connect chemical and oil and gas students to the industry. Outside of CESS, Alyson has been involved with numerous campus clubs such as TESLA and UCAHT. In her spare time, Alyson enjoys attending yoga and Zumba classes as well as spending time with her friends and family.



Jisoo is very excited to be the Academic Commissioner for CESS this year. Jisoo is returning to finish her final year in chemical engineering after completing her 16-month internship at TransCanada as a Corrosion Prevention Projects and Engineering Intern. In this role, her main responsibility was to plan, design, and execute the cathodic protection remedial and survey programs in order to maintain the integrity of pipelines across Canada. This is Jisoo’s fourth year on the CESS council, with her previous roles including VP Communications, Internship Representative, and Communications Commissioner. She hopes that her previous involvement with CESS can help her be a well-rounded representative for providing academic assistance and enhancing her peers’ educational experiences. She also wants to encourage all engineering students to engage in CESS activities to take advantage of great opportunities and stay connected! Jisoo loves to volunteer and gives her hours to being a Sunday-School teacher for elementary school students at her church every week. She also has a passion for photography, food, and traveling where she took advantage of her time on internship to travel to Japan, LA, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal, and Korea!



This year is Logan’s second year on CESS council, in the position of Events Commissioner. Logan has previously worked on and volunteered with numerous events throughout the school including the Undergraduate research symposium, the Canadian Engineering Competition, GNCTR and Schulich Soundstage. Consistently involved in more things then he should be, Logan actively participates in on campus actively and hopes to continue CESS’s momentum from last year.



Rohit is a third year Chemical Engineering Student with a minor in Petroleum Engineering at the University of Calgary's Schulich School of Engineering. In school, Rohit is part of the events team and holds the position as the events commisioner for the Chemical Engineering Student Society which helps plan events for engineering related events. In Rohits free time he volunteers with an organization called Children's Birthday Miracles, where he holds the position as an safety ambassador.



Joycelyn is currently in her second year of Chemical Engineering with an Energy and Environment Specialization. As the Industry Commissioner, Joycelyn wants to organize CESS events that will provide students with industry experience and knowledge, as well as help build professional networks. Additionally, she is excited to establish connections and strong relations with industry professionals for more industry sponsored events that will benefit the society as a whole. After university, Joycelyn aspires to work for a company focused on environmental initiatives and that has the technology to make innovative ideas a reality. Her vision is to invent, perhaps by improving methods for material transportation and sustainable energy. In her spare time, Joycelyn enjoys travelling, trying new foods, and hiking.



Matthew has just completed a 16-month internship with Crescent Point Energy as an Exploitation Engineering Intern. He is currently enrolled in his fourth and final year of Chemical Engineering with a minor in Petroleum Engineering. This is Matthew’s third year on CESS Council. He has previously served as the Academic Commissioner and Sponsorship Commissioner respectively in his second and third year at the Schulich School of Engineering. This year Matthew hopes to further develop the responsibilities that are associated with the role of the Internal Commissioner. Outside of CESS, Matthew has served as VP External on the Engineering Students’ Society (ESS) and VP Logistics with the Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC 2017). In his spare time, Matthew enjoys photography, hiking, travelling and spending time with his friends and family.



Ginelle is currently in her final year of Oil & Gas Engineering. She has just completed her 12-month internship at Husky Energy in the Heavy Oil & Gas business unit as a Development Engineering Co-op Student. As CESS’s External Commissioner, Ginelle hopes to encourage student participation in any external affairs so students may recognize the value of engagement beyond the classroom. She would like to increase awareness and provide more opportunities for external learning opportunities such as industry tours, networking events, and technical talks. Outside of CESS, Ginelle fosters her interest in energy through her involvement with Fuse Collective and PES. Ginelle enjoys volunteering, kickboxing, and journaling in her free time.